Swiss Business Connections für externer VertriebSwiss Business Connections für externer Vertrieb


Develop your target market with us. We are committed to the
launch and growth of both your local and international IT solutions,
services, and product business.

Entwicklung Zielmärkte Expansion SchweizEntwicklung Zielmärkte Expansion Schweiz


Do you already know how attractive the Swiss market is for
foreign IT suppliers? We provide easy access to an open
market waiting for YOUR solution!

Kritische Ereignisse und Krisen BewältigungKritische Ereignisse und Krisen Bewältigung


Effective, user-friendly, and secure management of any
critical event or crisis. Minimise impact on business
operations, protect your brand’s reputation, and
return to regular service as swiftly as possible.

RAYVN AS, ein innovativer norwegischer Software Anbieter
Business Development as a ServiceBusiness Development as a Service


Give your business an extra boost as we build the bridge
to the Swiss market for you. Together we will write the
success stories for your company.

Verkaufsförderung und NachfagegenerierungVerkaufsförderung und Nachfagegenerierung


To create and grow your market share, you need
new customers. Thankfully, generating leads is
one of our most successful core activities.

Markteintritt Schweiz zur NeukundengewinnungMarkteintritt Schweiz zur Neukundengewinnung


Does your attractive offer have to sell itself? this does not
work anymore! Lucky strikes are rare in Switzerland.
Selling and continuously achieving your goals is
hard work. We handle this work for you and
build up visibility for your brand.

Sales Execution zur NeukundengewinnungSales Execution zur Neukundengewinnung


Every business is unique, and so are the sales and
marketing challenges they face. We have made it
our mission to fully support you in these tasks.

Congratulations for finding our website! Now let us find new customers for you.

Discover our extensive “Business-Development-as-a-Service” offer, dedicated to supporting your success in the Swiss market.

To create and expand its market share, a company needs new customers. In a constantly evolving economy, access to both local and international markets is the key to success.

We are your local partner for Swiss market-entry, market development and market presence business-oriented and IT-based solutions and services to business customers.

In all our activities, we focus on practical and operational approaches. We combine consulting, market analysis, and conceptual work with active sales support. We go where your success is actually generated – directly to your potential customers. Business is done between people. There is nothing like a real conversation with an interested party. This is still true, despite social media and technological advances in marketing and sales.

We look forward to building bridges for you, connecting players and developing the Swiss market!

Our services at a glance

Business Development in Switzerland

International expansion - Opening up new markets

Business Development in Switzerland

Do you have an outstanding IT solution or an attractive IT service, but developing the market in Switzerland on your own is currently not feasible for you?

To enable you to enter the Swiss market successfully, we offer a structured procedure for market development. Our approach consists of several integrated services, starting with pragmatic market research, through to sales opportunity generation and comprehensive sales outsourcing. In other words, we help you to achieve a market presence as we find new customers for you and act on your behalf. On top of this, we can serve as your local office and all the other activities that go hand in hand with a sustainable presence in the Swiss market.

Evaluation of Market-Entry to Switzerland

Market development and market visibility

Evaluation of Market-Entry to Switzerland

Do you think that your excellent IT offering could be perfectly suited for business customers in Switzerland? But would you like an honest assessment of the market opportunities before making a long-term commitment?

If there is uncertainty as to whether a market exists for your solution, the best thing to do is to ask potential customers and test the acceptance in the market. To gain initial market insights, we offer you a short pilot project with a clearly defined and representative group of customers. We identify, qualify, and address potential customers or business partners, and then organise appropriate meetings between you and the interested parties.

Sales Execution

A different view of Sales outsourcing

Sales Execution

Are you heavily involved in day-to-day business? Is developing a new market segment a goal, but it does not require a full-time salesperson? Or do you have an innovative IT offering but lack the experienced resources for customer acquisition?

We support you in your operational sales activities and represent you in market development on your behalf, taking over customer acquisition, presenting your portfolio, and following the process to completion. In this way, you will achieve rapid market development in a short time with low fixed costs thanks to our many years of experience in the sale of complex IT solutions and services requiring detailed customer consultation.

Sales and Marketing of Software-as-a-Service

SaaS a business model for trust and services

Sales and Marketing of Software-as-a-Service

Are you a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor, looking to expand internationally and do you believe that acquiring new business customers for your SaaS solution has remained an ambitious task such as on-premise software?

Users appreciate the rapidly growing range of SaaS applications, fast implementation and low upfront costs. This attractiveness is fuelling international competition, and new customer acquisition is becoming more complex. If your SaaS offering goes beyond a self-service solution, if you are looking for customer trust through personal contacts, we will be happy to support you with a SaaS-specific offer for marketing & sales in Switzerland.

More Services

Professional services for market entry Switzerland

More Services

Have you not yet found the support you need? Do you need specific market research? Are you looking for distribution channels and partners in Switzerland for your solutions and products? Would a local from the Swiss market as a member on your board of directors or a virtual sales office make sense?

If you want to expand internationally, it is beneficial to have a local partner in your target market. We speak the local language, have market knowledge, are familiar with local business practices, have many years of experience in business development, and use an extensive network of contacts. Discuss your needs and ideas with us, and we will find a suitable solution for you.

RAYVN – Critical Event and Crisis Management System

RAYVN incident and crisis management solution for Swiss customers

A critical event or crisis comes unexpectedly and entails risks. The way your organisation deals with incidents can have a direct impact on the damage to people, property and the environment. At the same time, a speedy and efficient response can limit the damage to your reputation.

RAYVN assists you in managing events and crises in real-time. RAYVN is a cloud-based software developed by the Norwegian company RAYVN AS, and is used by organisations around the world in a variety of industries and event organisations. Use RAYVN to mobilise your organisation, coordinate and assign tasks, and communicate in real-time with internal and external personnel. Through simple and effective communication and logging in RAYVN, emergency teams gain a common understanding of the situation so that you can make the best decisions in complex situations. The user-friendly platform is based on web applications and mobile apps.

Swiss Business Connections is the local partner of RAYVN AS for Switzerland. We would be happy to give you a system demonstration to show you all the functionality you can expect from an Incident Management System for handling everything from simple incidents to severe crises. We support you in training and implementing RAYVN in your organisation.

What we do

Our mission at Swiss Business Connections is to help leading-edge software solutions, consulting, and high-tech companies to launch their services rapidly to the Swiss market – without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening your own office in Switzerland and hiring local employees.

We take into account the unique features of your IT solution and service for the Swiss target market. There is no “one size fits all” approach for us, because our experience shows that an existing solution or service offering in a new market may require a different approach than in your current market.

We work as on-demand experts, offering you a comprehensive service from experienced business development and sales professionals who represent your brand in Switzerland. Our approach adapts to your corporate culture and uses local market knowledge and customer contacts to quickly bring you into the Swiss market.

There is no reason to wait – contact us right now.

Developing Target Market