Henrik von Schlanbusch, CEO RAYVN

Emergency Preparedness – The Heart of RAYVN’s Strategy

With the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has reached almost all countries and affected more than 15 million people around the world. It is now widely recognised that the COVID-19 pandemic provoked the most severe economic crisis of the 21st century. Therefore, more than half of the world’s population and businesses have experienced a lockdown, complying with the global and governmental orders that aimed to contain and control the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Beyond the health and human tragedy of COVID-19, most countries attributed the aggravation of this crisis to the lack of emergency preparedness for most serious sectors and businesses.

We met Henrik von Schlanbusch, the CEO of RAYVN Global, and asked him about RAYVN’s success in confronting the crisis and advising the business sector.

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