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Software that helps you alert your teams, keep everybody informed
and make better decisions during critical events or crises.

Minimise consequences as far as possible so that people, property
and your reputation are not seriously injured or damaged.

Minimise the impact on business operations and availability while
managing the transition to recovery and “normal operations”.

Prepare and define a wide range of incident and crisis scenarios with an efficient
delegation of tasks to be able to act quickly and thoroughly in the event of an
incident - use automatic mechanisms to make it clear who has to do what.

Alerts and mobilisation with feedback from the response and emergency
teams in the shortest possible time and via various channels.

Concentrate on managing the event, take timely decisions and create and maintain
a shared situational awareness, while staying in contact with key stakeholders.

Control the flow of information via secure communication channels to exchange
confidential information and documents in real-time and make crisis and emergency plans
available in the paperless form at the right place. Create and document traceability.

Crises cannot be prepared for like other incidents because of their novelty, inherent
uncertainty, potential magnitude, and duration. Proactive, strategic tools are used
to support crisis management capabilities, including meeting agenda, focus
setting, crisis communication, and status indicators.

Ensure independence of the emergency forces during incident management
regarding their infrastructure and location, with a system that becomes
an aid in a stressful situation rather than a heavy burden.

Post-event analysis to learn from the past and implement improvements to
increase crisis preparedness and resilience. Practice, practice, practice.


Protect your business by using RAYVN to manage all critical events and crises.

Incident, emergency, event, critical event, crisis, disaster … There are many different terms for risks that an organisation must deal with. Nobody can completely prevent incidents, but with well-structured preparation, you can limit the damage and reduce the impact on your company, organisation, or event. Minimise the consequences so that people, assets, and your reputation are not seriously hurt or damaged. Digitalise your emergency processes with the cloud-based RAYVN solution for the management of critical events and crises.

Swiss Business Connections is the local partner of RAYVN AS, Norway, for Switzerland. We would be happy to show you the benefits and functions of the RAYVN software via a system demonstration. For you, we would like to act as your local contact and support you with the deployment and training of RAYVN.


RAYVN AS, an innovative Norwegian software provider

The Norwegian company RAYVN AS was founded in January 2017. Due to the growing interest in the software “Emergency Log Unit”, the Norwegian software company Enovate AS founded RAYVN AS as an independent software company. RAYVN AS focuses entirely on the distribution and further development of the software of the same name. RAYVN AS is headquartered in Bergen, Norway, and is internationally active with its own offices in Norway and the USA, as well as through a vast network of partners. RAYVN is used in the Software as a Service model worldwide by customers from a wide range of industries.

The RAYVN Solution

RAYVN is a cloud-based solution for managing critical events and crises. RAYVN is aimed at the target groups, but not limited to: safety, security, rescue, emergency, and crisis management teams to mobilise personnel, coordinate and log actions and communicate effectively in case of incidents. It is simple, user-friendly, and efficient.

From a simple incident to a crisis

RAYVN provides tools for mobilising response team members through alerts. Notifications are sent out via mobile app push messages, SMS, email and phone calls. The notifications, sent within seconds, can be confirmed by the recipient, which is automatically recorded by RAYVN. This feature means that when an incident occurs, several teams can be notified in one step. Based on the response from each team member, RAYVN will visualise the status of how many confirmed the notification positively or negatively and how many did not respond.

RAYVN Crisis Management in Switzerland

After mobilisation, users who log in to RAYVN via the web tool or the mobile app will have access to the real-time log. In this log, all participants can enter information, photos, files, etc. All employees who have access to the log will see any updates in real-time. This log ensures that all participants have the same information and that everyone knows where to find it.

Preparation for events and crises

To effectively coordinate activities during an incident, RAYVN offers two different tools: the Task and the Incident Card tool. Tasks can be assigned to the emergency services in real-time, and displayed in the assignee’s app. The assignee can check the task and confirm its completion. All other participants also see the updated task status.

Inform and everyone knows what to do

The Incident Cards instrument is another tool for coordinating the tasks of emergency services. It allows you to create sub-incidents to the overall event, and where you might need to deploy specific personnel to solve the sub-incident.

Alert Engage Resolve Learn

When critical events occur, the biggest problem is to make the right decisions based on lacking or fragmented information. Therefore, RAYVN works as a common platform for information exchange. RAYVN continuously logs all actions so that a complete, time-stamped report can be generated afterwards. This report shows how your team has dealt with the incident and how it has developed.

Whether you are a company, organisation or event organiser, large or small, you will find a RAYVN solution with the relevant range of functions for your needs. The licence levels STANDARD, ADVANCED, CORPORATE and ENTERPRISE are available.

RAYVN’s Product Philosophy

The product design philosophy RAYVN follows the three top-aspects User-Friendly – Comprehensive – Transparency.


User-friendliness is the most crucial factor in how the producer RAYVN AS plans and develops their RAYVN solution. When an incident or crisis occurs, the organisation must be presented with a system that is easy to use, and is intuitive “out of the box” for all users in a hectic environment. Several competing products have taken a completely different approach by adding lots of functionality and integrating crisis management into larger software systems. This is not necessarily a good thing, regarding the nature of the circumstances in which a crisis management system will often be used. RAYVN has received tons of positive feedback from our customers regarding its easy-to-use approach.


RAYVN is a comprehensive Incident Management Software. The tool provides all the necessary and useful functionality you would expect from a Critical Event and Crisis Management tool, and much more. The spectrum ranges from ALERT – ENGAGE – RESOLVE – LEARN. RAYVN’s product design philosophy is to keep the balance between functional diversity and user-friendliness. With this balance in mind, RAYVN is being continuously developed, and delivers several releases per year. Another important consideration in not overdesigning the solution is the knowledge that it will hopefully only rarely have to be used and, therefore, should provide a reasonable cost-benefit ratio. For more information, visit the Functions and Modules page.


All information sent to or from RAYVN is instantly shared in real-time logs with all personnel. At all times, everyone is kept up to date directly via the mobile app and from any web browser. In the log, the user will be able to follow the feed, and thus be on top of the situation with all the latest information at hand. RAYVN is always prepared so that the organisation will have the best possible overview of the case during a crisis. It gives you a better overview, traceability, and transparency, which reduces the risks of rumours gaining momentum.


RAYVN makes it easy to use a good emergency solution even if you are far away from your office or the operations centre. RAYVN is available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS. By using the mobile app, you have access to most of the features that are available from the web. When something happens, you can quickly notify individuals or teams to participate in the assistance effort right from your smartphone. The RAYVN mobile app works in a way that makes it easy for roaming personnel, or management on travel or outside the office, to be fully engaged during an incident.

Where is RAYVN used

Companies, organisations and event organisers of all sizes who do not want to rely on human “call chains” of people trust RAYVN for fast and automatic notification of their emergency services. The reasons people use RAYVN are as diverse as the industries RAYVN customers come from. There is also great interest in the central, automatic logging

At events such as festivals or sporting events, it is often multipoint communication and the common protocol for the continuous documentation of all actions that are at the centre of attention.

RAYVN for companies and organisations (YouTube)

RAYVN for event organisers (YouTube)

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