Internationale Expansion, neue Märkte und neue KundenInternational expansion of new markets and new customers

Business Development in Switzerland

The bridge to the Swiss market - International expansion
for cutting edge IT solutions and services.

Test Marktakzeptanz und MarktpotenzialTest market acceptance and market potential

Evaluation of Market Entry into Switzerland

Accelerated market testing for innovation-oriented IT companies -
Test acceptance in the market and generate an initial footprint
before you decide on the next big step.

Marktposition, Bekanntheit und Kundenbeziehungen ausbauenMarket position, Awareness building and Customer relations

Sales Execution

Expand or secure your market position, acquire new
customers, build customer relationships and keep
them long-term: Sales outsourcing to achieve
your business goals faster.

SaaS Sales Partnerschaft für erklärungsbedürftiger LösungenSaaS sales partnership for consulting-intensive IT solutions

Software-as-a-Service Sales Partnership

Software-as-a-Service requires a special way of selling - Marketing &
Sales of SaaS to business customers is more about promises and
trust than about product features.

Marktentwicklung und Kundengewinnung innovativer IT-LösungenMarket development and customer acquisition of innovative IT solutions

More Services

Developing Target Markets - We process, manage and
coordinate the activities and partners necessary for successful
market development and customer acquisition on your behalf.

Our services that will let your business grown.

At the focus of all our services is personal contact for building and maintaining customer relations for your company.

No doubt, approaching new customers is becoming an increasingly complicated challenge. Is online marketing replacing traditional sales methods in your company? Although digital marketing can be very effective, in many sales cycles, direct contact with decision-makers is still necessary. There is nothing like a direct conversation with a prospective customer. In the consulting-intensive IT solutions business, there is still a considerable need to demonstrate value, to stand out from a pure race on pricing, to inform and to build trust. If you share this view, then you have found the right partner!

Since 2010, Swiss Business Connections has been supporting domestic and foreign providers of information technology with services in business development and consulting-intensive sales to business customers from various industries. Our range of services is specifically tailored to the needs of your company.

Swiss Business Connections is the ideal choice for those organisations that see business opportunities in Switzerland but do not yet know how to take advantage of them.

Our objective is to position your innovative service offering and cutting-edge technology with your customers.

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Developing Target Market