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Business Development Switzerland

The market for software and IT services has become global. Expansion into new markets can do wonders for your business success. The globalisation of sales markets is a particular challenge for medium-sized and smaller IT solution and service providers. Not every company can push ahead with expansion in all regions and be present everywhere by itself. It can be difficult for a company to justify the investment required to set up a subsidiary in foreign jurisdictions and then accept a three-year start-up phase until it… hopefully… reaches break-even.

As you work to expand your business internationally, the number of variables and new unknowns increases. Stepping into new markets requires patience, sustainability and above all professional management. The way you choose to enter a new market, whose conditions and structures you hardly know, is crucial. You must be sensitive to local requirements and really want to stay on site. Every country and every industrial sector is different, and that is why experienced business development experts are needed to recognise and adapt to these differences.

The surest way to success is detailed knowledge of the Swiss market, target customer segments and distribution channels, combined with creative marketing and sales concepts adapted to the local culture and business style of Switzerland. That is what we offer.

Your objectives

Building up overseas business finding targeted opportunities
  • The rapid development of your overseas business by expanding into the Swiss market with your existing, innovative IT solutions and services
  • Acquisition and development of reference customers and sales partners
  • Building up information and knowledge about the Swiss market, including market development, opportunities, and competition
  • High flexibility and minimisation of the market entry risk and investment in the context of a Swiss market entry
  • Establishing and maintaining a steady relationship with your Swiss customers

What we can do for you

  • Knowledge transfer and familiarisation

    Everything starts with thorough preparation, to ensure that all the “homework” is done before starting a sales campaign. We begin with a briefing where you can see our ability to reach your goals, and we can learn all about the value of your IT solution or service. We want to know everything about your company: its history, the development of your solutions and services, the passion behind your company. That is what makes us excited to represent you and sell for you.

  • Market assessment

    Together with you, we will work out the appropriate approach for the development of growth areas in Switzerland. We define the detailed local offering and positioning, and compile a pragmatic market potential analysis. The focus here is on developing an optimal combination of target customers and the promising “selling story” for concrete implementation in the sales process.

  • Active selling of your product portfolio

    We implement the go-to-market strategy for you, build up your local presence and visibility in the Swiss market and acquire new customers on your behalf. And, of course, all of this is complemented by selected marketing and communication measures. Our services cover the entire sales process, from lead generation, initial contact, needs analysis and qualification, personal meetings, presentations, demonstrations of solutions, up to the support in signing contracts and on-site customer care.

  • Market attractiveness and opportunities

    We know how important it is for our clients to receive a fair and honest assessment of the opportunities and risks for their offer when entering the market. We bring you ongoing analysis and assessment of the attractiveness of the offerings in the Swiss market, and the ability to adapt to the local market based on customer feedback.

  • Status report

    Transparency and trust are crucial to us. We will inform you regularly and in detail via telephone or online meetings about the progress and all our activities for you in the Swiss target market. This is all part of our service – guaranteed at an attractive and fair monthly retainer.

Your presence, footprint, and new customers

Presence and footprint in Switzerland
  • You will achieve immediate sales and market presence in Switzerland for your proposed solutions and services.
  • We will build a sales pipeline and, thanks to the attractiveness of your offer, you will acquire your first reference customers.
  • You decide on a long-term commitment to the Swiss market based on reference customers, market knowledge and facts.

Your expansion into Switzerland

International expansion into Switzerland
  • Without having to set up your selling structures, you quickly expand into the Swiss market. Thanks to the valuable assets of Swiss Business Connections, you can use the lower entry barriers in the new territories to your advantage.
  • Simply and in the shortest possible time, you can establish or expand your foreign target market and your business activities through the advantages and use of our “Business-Development-as-a-Service”.
  • The market will be constantly and consistently approached to introduce your brand, solutions, and services to new customers. New growth opportunities will be exploited, market niches developed, and new customers acquired. All this while you continue to focus on your home market and your existing customers.

Reduce the risks, costs and delays often associated with international growth by expanding your IT solutions and services business into the Swiss market with experienced local business development experts. We build the bridge between your offering and the target parties that are important to you.

Whether you want to launch for the first time or just revitalise your IT solutions and services in the Swiss market, Swiss Business Connections will accompany you with a pragmatic, practical and structured approach to help you properly enter one of the most important target markets within Europe. As the local representative of your company, we take over all activities for the successful positioning and marketing in Switzerland.

Would you jump at the chance to raise your market share? Tell us more about your objectives!

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