Fussabdruck im Schweizer MarktFussabdruck im Schweizer Markt

Evaluation Market-Entry Switzerland

The global economy is continually changing, with new sales markets emerging which offer great opportunities. Access to international markets is the key to success in a constantly evolving economy.

Despite the Internet, it is still anything but easy to sell your business software abroad. Many questions and uncertainties accompany the attempt to establish your own business internationally. The two crucial questions at the beginning are: Is our IT solution or service attractive to the Swiss market and what is the customer potential?

We prefer a more deliberate approach to a sales territory by making decisions based on facts and customer feedback, rather than the paper-based business case approach. The best strategy is to ask potential customers in a pilot project. This pilot is a lean approach that is very results-oriented.

What you want to achieve

Verify market opportunities and potential
  • Without knowing the verified sales potential, you do not want to try to build up the Swiss market, which you do not know well, with large investments.
  • You want to show your IT solutions and services to potential Swiss customers as quickly as possible and with a minimum investment. Only then can you decide whether and in what form a Swiss market entry is feasible for your company.

Our part

  • Knowledge transfer and preparation

    We start onboarding with a transfer of knowledge about your company and the value of your IT solutions and services. The better we understand these, the better we can address potential customers and convince them to attend a personal meeting. We jointly define the selection criteria for a representative selection and fixed number of target customers (in our experience, 25 is an ideal number). Then we use our network and research the appropriate contact points. And, of course, the development of a convincing storyline is part of the preparation.

  • Market evaluation

    We make the first contact with prospects in Switzerland and we convince them to attend a presentation. You will conduct these presentations, and we will accompany you. This procedure has the advantage of providing you with direct customer contact and immediate feedback. We organise this as far as possible as a coordinated roadshow with several customer visits on a single business trip.

  • Status report

    A pilot project “Evaluation Market Entry Switzerland” typically takes between 6 and 12 weeks. We inform you regularly and in detail via telephone or online meetings about the progress and all our activities in this pilot project. Transparency and trust are vital to us. At the end of the pilot project, we prepare a written summary and hand over the project data to you. Our evaluations of market entry in Switzerland have often led to exciting follow-up activities.

What comes out of this

Market knowledge Internationalisation strategy
  • You will become familiar with the needs, the opportunities and risks for your company and offerings. From direct customer contacts, you will gain valuable market knowledge as a basis for your internationalisation strategy. The “Evaluation Market-Entry Switzerland” makes it clear what the conditions in this target market are.
  • Since we support promising clients for the Swiss market with an innovative IT solution, a niche product or an attractive service, a pilot project typically already leads to a sales pipeline and ideally to a first quick win.
  • In the worst case, we might not find any interest in the market, and no customer appointments are possible. In this case, you will still receive valuable insights about your options for action, which will protect your company from major wrong moves and bad investments.

The basis for sound decisions

Sound decisions through customer feedback
  • With a pilot project “Evaluation Market Entry Switzerland” you will gain market knowledge and a feeling for your service portfolio in the Swiss market based on real customer feedback. You get to learn from potential buyers what the local sales territories require and how your offer is positioned in this respect.
  • An early view of the target market helps you to save costs and use resources correctly. This outcome gives you a basis for making decisions about your entry into the Swiss market with reduced risk, a manageable investment and the benefit of local know-how.
  • This market test helps you to better prepare for further engagement, to assess the opportunities and risks more solidly, and to identify the necessary investments.

If you want to expand internationally, it makes sense to have a partner “on-site” in your target market. We at Swiss Business Connections know the Swiss market and have a significant amount of experience for the market entry of foreign companies. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of services covering all the aspects you need for a successful start in Switzerland.

Do not hesitate to explore the Swiss market. And remember: You are not alone; we are at your side.

When can we discuss your Swiss market entry plans? Please contact us!

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