Komplexe SaaS Lösungen für GeschäftskundenKomplexe SaaS Lösungen für Geschäftskunden

Software-as-a-Service Sales Partnership

Cloud computing is no longer just one IT trend among many but has now also firmly established itself among SMEs and large companies thanks to the wide range of Software-as-a-Service solutions. Users appreciate the rapidly increasing choice, fast implementation, and low upfront costs of SaaS applications.

Market ecosystems are changing as a result of new technology solutions and are influencing the way customers shop. Business customers are also purchasing more and more online, with trust and relationships playing a smaller role before they make a purchase decision. They are accepting and procuring more and more SaaS solutions from providers without knowing who, where or what they are. Given the pace of change, even large companies are working with more innovative “best-of-breed” solutions instead of relying on the safe offerings of existing preferred-suppliers or local partners.

So “SaaS does not need sales channels – digital marketing wins the customers”? This may be true for low-cost, stand-alone solutions that fulfil a very narrow catalogue of requirements and can be communicated with a clear message. In other words, for easy-to-use solutions for small businesses.

However, not all complex or niche SaaS solutions for medium or large companies sell themselves. SaaS solutions are still software and can have a complex sales process that requires human interaction during lead generation and the sales phase. Swiss Business Connections supports international SaaS providers in their Swiss market entry, long-term market development and local customer support.

Your intentions

Market opportunities SaaS development Switzerland
  • You want us to make your brand and your SaaS offering visible in the Swiss market and sell subscriptions to new customers on your behalf.
  • You want a local sales partner who understands your SaaS solution and can optimally demonstrate it, who communicates the advantages and benefits, and builds trust with customers – someone who is committed to you.
  • You want a local contact person for your customers in Switzerland who looks after your customers and prevents customer churn – service and care are the keys to success.
  • You want a local sales partner who will provide customers with local training and support for the introduction of your SaaS solution.

Our professional services

  • Partner Empowerment

    With the goal of selling your SaaS solution largely independently, we expect you as a manufacturer to quickly get on board with an appropriate training concept. We work seriously with your presentations, videos, and brochures to be able to generate leads and persuade existing and new customers. On top of this, you must guarantee professional supervision and technical support in day-to-day business. Then we will be able to profit quickly from recurring subscriptions and new service revenues in the SaaS business.

  • Marketing

    After the research phase, we aim to acquire suitable reference customers and lighthouse projects as quickly as possible, which can then be used for local references and recommendations. With SaaS solutions from the cloud, it is essential to be visible and recommended in the community. We set up a local web presence, take measures via sales campaigns, news and specialised articles, and make use of networking to increase visibility and generate inbound leads.

  • Direct sales

    Our sales for SaaS solutions to small and medium-sized companies are generally made by telephone and online, or occasionally in person, and, in the case of larger companies, preferably on-site. We present the solution, answer questions and work closely with potential customers. In consultation with you and on your behalf, we draw up offers for the SaaS solution and hand over contract-ready opportunities to you for closing.

  • Consulting, training, and services

    If required, we advise and train customers with our consulting services during the implementation of a deployment project.

  • After-sales support

    If desired, and as required, we remain the local contact for the customer. We coordinate enquiries with you as the manufacturer of the SaaS solution. We take care of customer satisfaction, follow-up orders and subscription renewals.

Your growth

SaaS market presence Switzerland
  • You will achieve immediate sales and market presence in Switzerland for your SaaS solution offering without having to build up your own sales structures.
  • The Swiss market is developed for you largely independently, subscriptions for your SaaS offering taken out, and customers served locally and on a long-term basis.
  • You will have a Swiss sales partner with local knowledge and mother tongue, who is committed to you and represents your interests in the market.

Your SaaS offering becomes more international

Partnership SaaS solution sales
  • Opportunities and risks relating to market success are shared between you as a SaaS manufacturer and us as a sales partner.
  • With minimal pre-investment, you can expand into Switzerland without being on-site yourself and without having to build up your market knowledge.
  • We seek and maintain long-term partnerships with our clients and customers.

If you as a provider have a convincing SaaS solution that stands out from the crowd and you want to position and sell it in the Swiss market, then we should definitely talk about a sales partnership.

Personal contact is the best way to make confident decisions. Call us, and we look forward to getting to know you!

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